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Butcher Box vs Moink vs other meat delivery

Updated: Apr 5

Shoutout Shark Tank for the discovery of Moink and leading me down this rabbit hole.

Both sites cater to the customer well - offering easy pause/cancel options. Recipes are included as well. Ultimately, the deciphering point for me is $.

Additional note: I hope to incorporate bones and organs into my diet. To my knowledge, neither offers or includes this in a box. Nonetheless, I'm excited for the convenience. What a luxury.


Shopping in store? Look for these legitimate meat certifications: https://dluke24.wixsite.com/website/post/legitimate-meat-certifications

Get grass-fed beef for $3.60 / lb article. Haven't tried this - don't have the freezer space nor have wanted to take the time. You might though!

Clean eating rules for meat.



Butcher Box uses no preservatives/artificial hormones. - from Butcher Box Twitter account.

Other options


Local farm offering butcher box for $120 to pickup - about 50 minutes away. Might be worth asking the cost to ship: they will not ship. Local butcher may hook you up with organ meats.

Omaha Steaks on Groupon - United States Military service members are entitled to a 10% discount on any subsequent AutoShip order. Concerned with where the meat comes from.. I will not try. The quality doesn't compare from what I've seen online.

(My early favorite) Butcher Box appears to have discount codes all over the web. These codes are specifically for first time users. Here's a link for $30 off. http://fbuy.me/noB2O

https://www.theprovisionhouse.com/ - yet to try.

Crowd Cow - yet to try.

Grassland Beefs - sell organ meats. - yet to try.

Pops requests a cow option. Beef box might be smart. Buy chicken locally.

https://www.whiteoakpastures.com/ - yet to try. $$$

This farm made headlines earlier this year for sustainable farming.

Craigslist! - yet to try.

Costco. Unfortunately, don't have one very close to me. - yet to try.

Instacart. Discard. All the meats I saw were from Australian farms.


A bit expensive couldn't find a decent deal even with a 15% off military discount. James Beard award winning chefs adds to the price tag of this service.

A useful resource to find local farms.


https://www.meatsuite.com/ (s/o mom for this)

Buy whole animals when possible. Bones of a chicken will pull right out when cooked in a crockpot. Pro/cons article of buying whole animals.

I aim for a price of <$10 per pound. A ratio north of that seems a bit outrageous.


$10 credit earned after 1st order.

Butcher Box:

$129 discounted to $114.

Dad said this box was heavier than Moink (this box came with dry ice).

+1: praise to the sirloin tips in the Butcher Box. Dad and I loved em.

Butcher Box Round 2: September 1.

$129 for All Beef Box.

$30 for 2lb Ground Beef in every box for the life of your membership.

Total: $162.13 and will also come with 3lb of chicken wings.

~221 ounces or 13.81 lbs (bones included).

October 23 box arrives.

The box was missing the chicken wings, so I didn’t quite get to the $10 per pound I desire. It was very encouraging how easy it was to be credited and report this online - credited $15 towards the next order for this error.

December 6 box arrives.

~16.8 lbs (bones included)


$129 - Beef, Chicken, and Pork box

$25 - Bacon for life

(-$30) - Credits

Total: $127.08

February 4 box arrives.

~21 lbs (bones included)

price total: $199.91

$129 - All Beef box

$66.99 - Drumsticks For Life - 3 x 1.5 lb

Thick Cut Bacon - 1 x 1.5lb

Niman Ranch Pulled Pork - 14 oz.

March 26 box arrives.

~400 oz. or ~25 lbs.

The box came with a small rip in the Chicken Drumsticks. I notified Butcher Box and will share the response.

From USDA website: (I will eat).

Butcher Box response: (They're awesome).

Force of Nature

Found organ meats!


4.75 lbs for $48.95

3 Regenerative Beef (Liver & Heart) - 16 oz

Grass Fed Ground Elk - 14 oz

Regenerative Bison (Liver & Heart) - 14 oz

Unfortunately doesn't meet $10 per pound. Check back on this one, hopefully they get price down.

March 15 order:

Receive 10% off.

13 lbs for $130.38

Regenerative Ground Pork - 16 oz

4 Regenerative Beef Ancestral Blend - 16 oz

6 Regenerative Bison Ancestral Blend - 14 oz

2 Grass Fed Ground Venison - 14 oz

Texas Ground Wild Boar - 16 oz


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